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  1. Excellent report. Thank you, Nancy, for stating the problems and how to
    solve this crisis. Help to contain the spread of Ebola in West African was
    far, far too long in coming, and now we are seeing the consequences of that

  2. I volunteered to go. FREEBIE and they never contacted me. That was over a
    month ago. This is a crock of you know what!

  3. well their civil war was particularly sub human…too bad they werent
    preparing for their demiss. lady….this thing isnt going to wait for you.

  4. We see they killed the sanish ebola patients dog. It is known zoonotic
    disease. This means that your pooch gets it, goes out for a walk and does
    its thing. Other doggies go out for a walk sniff and piss and bam, they are
    carriers. Then pedestrians get this on their shoes and bring it home after
    they walked into a café of course, where they exchange money for stuff.
    What happens when ebola hits the big agri farms, do we cull all the
    livestock? Or do we ignore it and let people eat the flesh of these
    animals? I guess by the time it hits your plate the virus is dead. But
    spreading through animals seems like it could be really bad.

  5. 2012 study of Ebola provides staggering evidence that Ebola is transmitted
    thru the air.

    Pig’s and monkey’s (non-human primates) were used in a controlled
    experiment. Pig’s were moved to a seperate room and inoculated with Ebola,
    then return to the room with the monkeys. Never having DIRECT CONACT the
    monkeys became infected with the Ebola Virus. Autopsies of the infected
    monekys showed evidence of the Ebola Virus entering thru the lungs….

    The Doctors hypothesis that droplets of fluids suspended in the air
    containing the Ebola virus were inhaled by the monkeys infecting them.

    So what do WE now know about Ebola?

    1) Ebola can live outside of the host for uo to 10 days.

    2) Ebola has an Incubation Period of 2-24 days, during his time the host is
    contagious and developing symptoms.

    3) Ebola is transferable, and contagious thru Animals.

    4) Ebola is airborne.

    5) Ebola has killed 3, 800+ people worldwide.

    6) This outbreak is a mutated version of the “Ebola Zaire” virus, a mutated
    strain of the most deadly verision. Current mortality rate is 70%.

    7) The Mass Media, and government officials are lying about the
    transmission of Ebola.

    8) 2007 the United States government patented Ebola in all its forms and
    uses, the U.S. government is legally responsible for Ebola


  6. These Figures that these people throw out (5mil) (1mil /month) are so
    bloated and ridiculous. These supply companies and aid organizations are
    using this to save they’re failing businesses and stack wallets.

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