11 things you need to know about e-cigs

The electronic cigarette has received much publicity about its safety as a device for quitting smoking. This ensemble simulates the traditional cigarette in all ways, except that it is smokeless. It is hailed as the most effective method ever discovered and many people have embraced it. However, there are frequently asked questions about the most best electronic cigarette brands

Is an electric Cigarettes Safe?

While that is public the perception among the users, it is still debatable. This cannot fully be said to be the case. But one thing stands out: it is safer than tobacco because one cannot get cancer when using it. They contain nicotine which is poisonous! Nicotine does increase the heart rate.

How much it will cost to smoke an e-cig

E-cigs cost less than the regular cigarettes. A pre-filled cartridge will cost from $30-100 dollars. Starter kits are 30 percent less than the regulars. A single cartridge can be used several times before replenishing. Read about green smoke e cigarette reviews a popular brand.

Should they ban electronic cigarettes?

There are claims that the government needs to ban them because of their inability to tax them like the traditional ones. There are further claims that the nice flavors of nicotine is going to lure teenagers into smoking. The fact is that the same teens already smoke tobacco though it tastes terrible.

The Starter kits

Several types do exist. Some look functional while some look fancy. The contents include batteries, charger and a few cartridges. The cost of the kit is between 30-100 dollars. It is advisable for one to look online for the ones available for you and their pricing before deciding on the brand. Click this link for the best electronic cigarette review.

The Cartridges

Cartridges come with liquid nicotine which could be pure or enhanced with flavors. Prefilled cartridges taste as good as they look. Some say that one cartridge is equal to twenty cigarettes. This is however, just an untruth.

E-cig rechargeable Batteries

Most of them are too weak and last for one to two hours. So you have to always carry spare. Chargers can either be USB or the wall plug-in type.

The cases and charger

This can be quite disappointing. The automatic batteries never worked, and after sometime the batteries will go off even after charging. These limitations make the e-cigarettes inefficient. However, better solutions are underway to improve the quality of the product.

What are Cartomizers

Cartomizers are the parts of e-cigs that contain the electricity, the liquid storage and the atomizer. The liquid is dripped inside and after getting heated up vapor comes out. It replaces the cartridge and atomizer in older models and generates a more consistent flavor. There are two main types of these: traditional and ceramic.

Cartridge refilling

When the vapor has been depleted, the cigarette tastes horrible. Refilling is an easy task. One needs a small screw drive to insert in a hole at the end of the atomizer and pulled out. Use gloves when handling nicotine because it is absorbed through the skin. This will result in an overdose.

There exists two types of cartridges; the traditional on with a filter at the end and the modern ceramic one.