To drink or to blend, that’s the question…

shutterstock_1111264731[1]When it comes to fruit juice and the real thing, a lot is usually unexplained. Firstly, fruit juice that we buy contains less fruit than manufacturers dare to tell you. When you put the fruit in the juicer, you will manage to squeeze some drops of juice out of it and be left with pulp which is disposed of. This pulp is usually full of fiber and vitamins. This is what juicing does to your fruit; extract a few drops of juice from the full fruit and throw the rest away. The juice is basically simple sugars while the pulp you through away is full of fiber, vitamins that you cannot afford to lose. Read more about blending vs juicing on the better-fitness blog!

But when you blend, you can create wonderful smoothies from vegetables and fruits and make a drink. Here, all the fiber is blended in the juice and nothing is thrown away. You can add vegetables like kales and spinach to your fruit drink for more nutrition. In one glass of juice, you can get all your nutritional needs taken care of. You can also add berries, carrots to the blender and vary the flavor the way you want. You can blend your fruits and vegetables and store them in the fridge to use later. Almost any fruit and vegetable can go into the blender.

Most of the juices in stores that are labeled as ‘organic,’ are not natural. In fact, as seen above, the most important part of the fruit is not included among the ingredients. Granted, juice should not be used as part of a healthy regimen. It is better when you consume the whole fruit than when you drink gallons of processed juice. They contain enough fiber that is essential for your body. So do not throw away all the important fiber. Put it in your blender! but if you do like juicing still read into the best masticating juicers here.

How to do it

The first thing to do is to select your fruit or vegetables. You might want to begin with blueberries or raspberries because they are seedless. You will achieve a creamy texture in your smoothie if you use bananas. If you use strawberries or peaches, and watermelons, you will get an equally good smoothie. Choose whichever fruit that you feel like. Fruits in season are the best to use for they are readily available. You may purchase them before hand and freeze them for juicing later. As for vegetables, it is recommended that you start first with spinach. Then you can proceed to try the rest of the vegetables. What you use will depend on you. Place them in your blender and blend with any liquid of your choice. Personal taste is what applies here. There is also some allowance to be creative. Try some tangy grape fruit. You may blend it with water or rice milk and add a dash of cinnamon. Other additions may include yogurt. Make sure you add enough liquid.

Blender smoothies is a fantastic way of getting all the vegetables that you crave and you will even make your kids start loving the vegetables. Unlike juicing where you extract only the liquid, blending puts all the nutrients to use.