25 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, I thought I’d show you
    what makeup I’ve been carrying with me. Note, I usually carry lip products
    in my purse so that’s why I forgot to include them >_< oops!

  2. Great editing but damn girl, that’s a lot of makeup 😮 my entire skincare
    and makeup plus brushes goes into 2 small pouches. Or do most girls travel
    like Claire and I’m the freak here?

  3. You are, by far, the best editor of all the beauty gurus that I watch.
    (And pretty high up on the list for overall)
    This video is so creative and well-made.

  4. editing ON POINT! omg the music the movement everything was so great! love
    videos like this! it wasnt like “oh guys I take this and this.” it was
    genuinly so nice to watch and you leave with such a nice and fresh feeling
    like idk you must have magic editing skills or sth!

  5. Your editing skills are off the charts. The vibe you create with the music
    and cuts and all that magic I don’t understand feels so authentic and
    exciting. Please never stop. Or atleast give us a heads up beforehand so
    that all necessary emotional preparation takes place. Thanks bud.

  6. I really enjoy the way you present your videos, they’re really creative yet
    still informative. I love your work! :)

  7. Claire! This video rocks!!! Seriously such a rad way to set it all out!! I
    was able to screen shot the sections I wanted to keep for future reference
    and they’ll be so handy because the products are all laid out with the
    names making them super easy to identify multiple products in one hit! So
    so awesome chick! 🙂

    Much love! Xx! 

  8. Yo I’m going to make a really original comment *great job on the
    editing!!!!!* Nah, I do mean it. But f’real, did you actually buy a
    security bin?

  9. COOLEST EDITING EVER. Claire is my style icon. Way to go, keep it up! Never
    ceases to impress. Too much admiration to put into words. 

  10. I love you so much for linking stuff on amazon! I was just about to do
    searches on there to buy some stuff in the video!! haha. Always the
    considerate and incredibly creative genius, Claire<3 Thanks!!

  11. The quality and content of your videos are just fantastic! Your videos are
    always visually appealing without being “try hard”. I appreciate your
    honesty and genuine personality! Your style is SO INSPIRING! <3 

  12. it amazes me you don’t have more subscribers than half these other gurus..
    i know you guys are all friends but you deserve just as many if not more
    than them.. you deserve 3,000,000 views per video! lol

  13. I can’t be the only one who’s first thought was how you got ahold of an
    airport security bin.

  14. You work at Sephora, huh? This is how they edit their videos. Thanks for
    sharing! I’m gonna consider buying from Cozzette.

  15. When you do music like this in your videos, do you have to pay royalties?
    Also, do you put the antibacterial stuff on your face?

  16. cool video – short and to the point, plus good music. Do you still use
    Milani liquid eye liner?

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