25 thoughts on “Wealth

  1. I sometimes wonder what a more technologically, ethically and morally
    superior benign species would say if they showed up on our planet and
    encounter this class people. they might think how primitive and out of
    touch they are.

  2. Being super wealthy is awesime and obviously not a bad thing. But if they
    only knew that the dollar has no real value and sink in a single day if I
    was them I will invest in buying land gold and stuff that doesn’t lose
    value. Wall Street is a made by crooks for crooks.

  3. Why do people look up to those who are screwing them over? They certainly
    do not give a damn about you or your families. Stop enabling them to rule
    and walk all over you.

  4. Fur is dead literally and its not in style anymore ever since the 80s in
    Europe, and since the 90s in the USA. 

  5. It is always the same. The rich don’t play by the rules and they use laws
    to make others be the “not haves” by stopping any competition. Insane
    liberals think that the Demoncraps will take that money and give it to
    them. Talk about a scam. If all you vote for are rich guys, how do you
    think that they are ever going to turn on their own and stand up for you? 

  6. Stupid. You go back 200 years and the number of rich percentage wise was
    even smaller. The number of rich grown also the number of middle class with
    it and the opportunity for the poor who wants and willing to change.
    Than we started to have more and more social politics in the 60’s to stop
    poverty. The growth of the middle class stopped and now it is decreasing.
    Rich does not sit on their money, They invest it and with it comes jobs and
    better economy. 

  7. In our culture you hear only of those who have wealth or who are rich
    artists. We RARELY praise our scientists and engineers. If you look at
    money for what it is..a value system..it becomes readily apparent that
    money > knowledge and ethics/peaceful religion in our society. Much like
    we treat automobiles and “doing business” with more respect than other

  8. People who know how to thrive WITHOUT money are the smartest people on the
    planet!!! people who can only survive with it are the fools!!! Yes you may
    have tons of money. . .but without it your lost incapable of providing your
    most basic needs for yourself!!! more importantly we ALL came from self
    sufficient roots so emulating the OBSURD spending habits of the stupidly
    rich means your TRYING to compensate for a lack of actual substance,
    intelligence, tallent, moral or spiritual hole!. . .lol overconsumption is
    the downfall of humanity. . .only those NOT blinded by the lust for money
    see the truth

  9. @32:00 i wouldn’t feel i was rich if i had 3.2 million net worth right now
    either, and hes right 1 million back then is worth a lot more than 1
    million now, due to inflation. I have a net worth close to but just under 1
    million dollars, but still living with my parents, working over 60 hrs a
    week. Grew up in a lower class family and work my way up. the only wealthy
    people you or i would feel uncomfortable with is the people who were born
    rich and don’t work hard for it/ unappreciative.

  10. I will take the ten million dollars, and be very happy. All she would have
    to do is move out of New York, and she would find that money go a lot
    further in most places.

  11. Wait a minute, this guy Tim Durham has gone to prison for 50 years because
    of a ponzi scheme LOL. Oh well smh.

  12. we need to put the supper rich in concentration camps and let them work
    there hole life for what they did to the middle class

  13. This difference in wealth and income seems more like an image of a Banana
    Republic. Unimaginable wealth on the one hand, and a large population in
    poverty. How many of the filthy rich actually made their money on the back
    of the poor underpaid worker bees???? Answer – Most of them.

  14. “…Making money when you don’t need anymore becomes a way to keep score in

    Or an opportunity to better humanity, which how I will be using my fortune.

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