25 thoughts on “Yard

  1. This song makes me feel alive. Everytime I listen to it, I just want to
    dance and jump up and down 😉

  2. Not fake African music… just paying homage. It’s rock music with African
    intertwined. That’s influence, not cultural appropriation. Look at Paul
    Simon – Graceland or Paul McCartney – Band on the Run albums. Are those

  3. Most unique band like, ever in my opinion. No one has ever sounded the way
    they have or come close to it. (correct me if im wrong) And thanks to Cool
    TV, I can continue to discover great artists that are out there making
    quality music.

  4. a heavily african-inspired sound with a bare minimum of (maybe 2) black
    people in the entire music video… (disappointed shrug)

  5. i saw them live opening for arcade fire and this song i sos amazing live
    her voice is so powerful also while watching this i had shivers the whole

  6. Saw these guys open for Arcade Fire, weird but had a cool vibe to them.
    Don’t personally enjoy their music, but I can see the appeal.

  7. No, NOOOOOO make it stop. Whoever, whatever, is signing this, should never
    sing again. Its fucking painful. Their voice sounds like one of those
    really bad singers you laugh at on american idol auditions

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